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Welcome to Medical Tourism.

For those of us who have not heard the term “Medical Tourism” it is very possible you will in the near future. Segments on 60 Minutes, Nightline, and articles in the Wall Street Journal have all indicated that Medical Tourism’s competitive pricing coupled with quality care will continue to push domestic medical needs to foreign markets. Medical Tourism is here to stay and is growing at an unpredicted rate. In 2008 projected medical travel was expected to reach 750,000 and in 2011 to exceed 9,000,000 which will revolutionize medical delivery in our country and the international sector. Hospitals in the international community and are JCI accredited and will compete with US Hospitals for patients on a global basis.


Why Medical Tourism? In today’s self insured market Medical Tourism is an alternate choice and can be added to the Plan Document in a passive manner. How? By offering incentives to the employee in the form of waiving deductibles, coinsurance, and the out-of-pocket maximums and also offering spousal travel. The employer also benefits because his reimbursements for stop loss are less as illustrated below:


     Procedure                    U.S. Average                 International Average


     Heart Bypass               $145,000                        $28,000

     Heart Valve                   $178,000                        $22,500

     Hip Replacement        $80,000                          $14,000

     Knee Replacement     $66,000                          $12,000 


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