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Simple Self Funding

Simple Self-Funding offers Employers that are currently Fully Insured to Self Fund their Health Benefits without high attachment point  risk or renewal lasering concerns.  This product offers commissions to the broker at 5% and are based off of the equivalent premium.  Please review the product highlights below:

Overview of the Simple Self Funding™ Stop Loss Program

• Underwritten by Fairmont Specialty on behalf of United States Fire Insurance Company*

No Lasering – First Year or Renewal

• Maximum monthly and annual cost for the Plan Sponsor

• No claims history required for underwriting currently fully insured groups

• ERISA program, no state mandates

• Group Self-Funded program

• Fully integrated cost containment

• Fully transparent rates, costs and expenses

• Competitive pricing

• HSA compatible plan options


Contract Considerations

• Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss Coverage

• 12/18 Contract (claims incurred in the 12 month contract year and paid in the contract year

or six months following)

• $25,000 Standard Specific Deductible

• Simultaneous Specific Reimbursement included on all accounts at no cost

• Advanced Monthly Accommodation included on all accounts at no cost


Minimum Group Requirements

• 15 Employees (maximum group size is 75 lives)

• 75% Participation of Eligible Employees

• 50% Employer Contribution towards Employee cost

• True Employer/Employee relationship

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